Nowadays, the outsourcing services have been widely recognized by all types of enterprises around the world as an effective management tool. It has become a cross-industry trend that companies choose professional service organization to complete the non-core business process.

As an outstanding professional service organization with more than 20 years of history in China, Zhonghui is able to provide clients with efficient finance and accounting outsourcing services and help them gain new advantages in business competitions.

Successful finance and accounting outsourcing not only reduces the cost of finance management and accounting, but also dramatically improves the efficiency and quality of the enterprise’s work. Relying on professional service organization, companies can get out from daily finance and accounting business process, and be able to focus on their core business areas that can add value, and enhance the company’s competitiveness in the market.

Zhonghui has rich experiences in providing finance and accounting business process outsourcing services, with more than 500 clients in various industries.  We are able to provide high-quality services in both Chinese and English. Zhonghui maintain a high standard of quality relying on the knowledge and skills of over a hundred professionals of the finance and accounting service. Therefore, Zhonghui is always a reliable outsourcing partner.

Talent is always core power for an enterprise. Arounding hot issues of recruitment and talent, Zhonghui HR Management Salon will gather professional wisdoms and give you new insights.  
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