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Zhonghui has an excellent professional brand image and reputation in the finance and accounting services. We are able to cover the full set of services of financial, accounting and tax business process. We are not only providing high quality services according to the needs of our clients, but also offering systematical consultation and service integration to establish long-term relationship with clients.


The Modules and Core Contents of Zhonghui’s Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services:

Order Management & Billing
♦ Manage Sales Orders
♦ Manage Customer Requests & Inquiries
♦ Manage Contracts
♦ Invoice Customers
♦ Authorize & Manage Credit

Collection & Accounts Receivable
♦ Manage and Process Collection
♦ Maintain Customer Master Data
♦ Manage and Process Disputes & Deduction
♦ Maintain A/R Ledger and Apply Cash

Transaction Processing
♦ Receipt and Scanning
♦ Payments and Remittances
♦ Expense Claims
♦ Third Party & Intercompany Invoices/Credits
♦ Vendor Master Data Maintenance
Financial Integration
♦ Vendor Statement Reconciliations
♦ Trade Creditor Reconciliations
♦ Payment Accuracy Controls

Asset & Transaction Processing
♦ Intercompany Accounting
♦ Fixed Assets Accounting
♦ Cash Management

Period Close & Data Integration
♦ Master Data Maintenance
♦ Account Reconciliation and Analysis
♦ Reconciliation
♦ End of Financial Period Close
Establish Accounts
♦ Design Accounting and Financial Management System
♦ Establish Financial and Accounting Processing System
♦ Bookkeeping

Financial & Government Reporting
♦ Financial Reporting
♦ Management Reporting
♦ Regulatory Reporting
♦ Tax Reporting

Tax Declaration
♦ Corporate Income Tax Declaration
♦ Value Added Tax Declaration
♦ Business Tax Declaration
♦ Additional Tax Declaration
♦ Personal Income Tax Declaration
♦ Export Rebates

Tax Registration
♦ Tax Registration for Organization Establishment
♦ Tax Registration for Organization Alteration
♦ Tax Registration for  Organization Cancellation
♦ Value Added Tax and General Taxpayer Application

Finance, Accounting and Tax Consultation
♦ Establish Financial Management System
♦ Finance, Accounting Annual Consultation
♦ Tax Planning

Help desk
♦ Support Center
♦ Financial Accounting Internal Training


we can also design and provide other customized outsourcing services according to clients' specific need.

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