Service Value


Reduce Costs
Outsourcing the whole general process of finance and accounting or part of them can help enterprises to reduce costs directly. Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, outsourcing the professional and complicated finance & accounting work to transform lobar costs into outsourcing service costs will reduce your costs in the current and future period.

Improve Efficiency and Quality
When you outsource finance and accounting work to Zhonghui, it means you have a reliable team of outside experts at the same time. We have not only strict internal control processes and quality management system, but also accumulated professional experience, effective methods of information collection, and valid mechanism for professional training. All those features enable us work more efficiently and maintain a constant professional quality for finance and accounting outsourcing services..
Compared with traditional internal finance and accounting work, outsourcing services are more flexible and scalable. We can deal with seasonal or periodical work surge based on the needs of clients.

Reduce Risks, Effective Control
Zhonghui have well-developed outsourcing management skills and service concept, and maintain confidentiality strictly of the data and information of clients. Compared with individual, Zhonghui is a professional service organization with more stability and continuity We can have close and long-term two-way communication with our clients which is good for the them to find out their financial risks and strengthen internal control.
Outsourcing allows clients to know the information more transparently and timely, and makes the process and results more clearly and can be effectively controlled.

Innovation and Organization Competitiveness
Outsourcing non-core business process to an excellent professional service organization not only enables enterprises to obtain current benefits, but more importantly, it is an effective way to promote business innovations and enhance core competitiveness of an enterprise.
The internal financial sector of an enterprise can freed from daily finance and accounting chores, and can be assigned to work on more valuable business analysis and deal with some core issues, so that enterprises can eliminate redundancy more easily, and arrange resources and time to new opportunities to achieve new development or transformation.

Talent is always core power for an enterprise. Arounding hot issues of recruitment and talent, Zhonghui HR Management Salon will gather professional wisdoms and give you new insights.  
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