Service Clients

Zhonghui provides finance and accounting outsourcing services to various types of clients:


Foreign-Funded Enterprises
Zhonghui provides finance and accounting outsourcing services to foreign-funded enterprises including the global Top 500 companies and many foreign enterprises’ sub branch offices in China. With proficient English skills and good understanding of international accounting standards, the professionals of zhonghui are able to offer good services to foreign-funded clients.

Domestic Enterprises
Relying on the strong technology support center and years of professional practice, zhonghui has conducted systematic and in-depth researches in accounting, financial management and tax issues in various industries. The outsourcing services we offer will meet different needs of our clients at various growth stages. Clients can outsource their entire general process of finance and accounting work, or some of the non-core business processes.

Self-Employed Households And Individuals
Self-employed households often outsource the whole general process of finance and accounting to zhonghui in order to get a reliable service and they don’t to deal with tax authorities and other government offices every month. For individuals, zhonghui provide them with personal income calculation, tax declaration services, personal income tax planning and financial advice as well.

Government Offices, Social Groups And Organizations
Zhonghui is a highly cautious and trustworthy professional service organization. In addition to providing finance and accounting outsourcing services to enterprises, zhonghui also works for government offices, institutions, social groups and other organizations. We have rich experience to complete finance and accounting work outstandingly and also can offer customized services according to any special client need.

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