Organizational Construction & Job Design

 Organizational construction and job system is the basis and premise of  HR management in companies.


With the development of corporation, however, many problems follow:
♦ Conflicts arise between departments inner corporation, even refuse to take responsibility and  blame to each other.
♦ With business growing, the mode of internal management control couldn’t lead to performance optimization as before.
♦ Inefficiency in decision and operation, excessive regulation and lack of risk control both exist.
♦ Right, responsibility and benefit are not matched.
♦ Unclear and unreasonable job arrangements and delegations.
♦ The current job design just works for now, but can not support the strategic development.

Focusing on clients’ current and future goals and strategies, while considering existing environment and resource,  we will help you in the overall plan integrating department setting, management mechanism, operation rules, post setting and working relationship.  Our services will be consistent with your corporation’s strategic development and environmental changes, aiming at promoting your people’s satisfactory and team performance.

Talent is always core power for an enterprise. Arounding hot issues of recruitment and talent, Zhonghui HR Management Salon will gather professional wisdoms and give you new insights.  
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