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 Market-leading organizations are increasingly applying analytical methodologies to understand and optimize their 

biggest single competitive advantage – their people. According to a recent Aberdeen Group study, high performing  

companies consistently rank behavior and skill assessments as most valuable in identifying high-potential employees. 

And 94% of best-in-class organizations leverage behavior assessments, compared to just 65% of all others.

Using behavior and skill data, combined with analytics and business expertise, these high-performing companies are

finding,placing, and developing their people in roles for which they are most naturally suited to succeed.So as to 

maximize the advantages of human resourse and achieve strategic goals.

The Predictive Index® (PI®) system is the cornerstone of our Behavior Suite which is combinated behavioral assessment,

management seminars and professional support tools. In recent 50 years ,PI® system has been  sustaining application in

thousands of companies, over  40% cliennts of the Fortune Global 500 also in them. Leverage this suite to gain breakthrough 

results by analyzing, aligning, and optimizing your individuals.

Talent is always core power for an enterprise. Arounding hot issues of recruitment and talent, Zhonghui HR Management Salon will gather professional wisdoms and give you new insights.  
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